Erdrick, AKA Scott Broadbent

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Erdrick, AKA Scott Broadbent

Post  Guest on Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:12 pm

I'm from Ottawa, ON (and local to Kerry aka Kugald), and 31 years of age.

I started gaming back in 1996 with AD&D2. Relatively quickly embraced the Ravenloft setting, though being the creative type was always one to want to create my own thing, including system and setting.

Have done a lot of setting design, with multiple world design attempts, though never got very far in the process for any of those early efforts. My current design project is that of an old AD&D networld called Truerth back in the late 90's. Truerth development died several years later, and I revived it in 2005 with a working title of Truerth II. That was a short lived development period when develop was put on hold, and I only recently restarted work on it with a working Title of Truerth III. Who knows how many working titles it'll go through before a playable setting is released Wink

On the system side of things, I've done a lot of "D&D Variants", and did some work with designing a system based on WotC's d20. I've also been inspired by WHFRP, and so the jump to HM was a semi-natural progression.

I picked up Harn around 2003/04 when CGI had a free download of the HM3 rules, which ended up being a great lure, and CGI's made their money back multiple times over. I fell "in love" with HM after being frustrated with d20, and the comic book hero nature of d20/D&D. As I have the design bug, I've only looked at Harnworld as an example of making a setting that is detailed with a semi-realistic nature, and used it to inspire me in my own design processes.

I've only "played" HM on a theoretical basis. I've created a few characters, but beyond that not much, though there is the potential for Kerry, myself and a few others to actually get a Harn game going.

On the non-gaming side of things, I've done too much call center work (NO MORE!!!). I've done a bit of general labour with 1-800-Got-Junk? but currently off work and in the process of getting A/Z license truck training. Having been off-work is probably one of the contributing factors of me getting back into gaming...

Outside of that, I also teach music and marching to a group in Sudbury (Blue Saints Junior drum corps), and spent this past summer on the road with them. I'm writing the music that they'll be performing this coming summer, based on some Danny Elfman music (Batman, Beetlejuice, Ice Dance, Sleepy Hollow, etc). With that said, I will be out of town this coming Sept 25-27, and internet may or may not be available.


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