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Post  Barak Daas on Fri Sep 18, 2009 8:26 pm

As of 17th Peonu

Barak is of average height and build; he keeps fit with a muscular and lithe body. He moves gracefully and with precision. That is probably the only thing elegant about him. His skin looks older than his years from constant exposure outside to sun and snow; even in winter his fair skin retains some of his summertime tan. His tawny brown hair and beard is ragged and often tangled despite his irregular attempts at combing it. His blue eyes, however, retain a youthful humour.

He dresses in practical clothes; largely undyed serge and linen and raw tanned leather. These are spotted in earth and grass stains, and the occasional splatter of blood, as well as repairs where they have become worn or torn.

Barak wears a dark brown serge tunic, over this tunic he wears a broad leather belt, which has a large bronze buckle of grappling dragons, with attached pouch and purse. His well worn hunting knife. Beneath this he wears fur lined leather leggings roughly patched together from white arctic hare pelts, and better made calf boots. When outside he wears a undyed beige serge cloak and hood fastened by a Ivinian-style silver broach in the form of a fire-breathing dragon. Around his neck his wears a leather thong from which dangles an excellently carved amulet in the form of a stag.

Barak carries his unstrung shortbow attached to his leather quiver which is stuffed with Manglana goose-fletched arrows and a leather bracer to protect his left hand and forearm.

Often he also carries a large bulky linen knapsack stained from years of use, from which hangs a dark brown linen bag. Also strapped to the knapsack is a grey fur sleeping roll and his bulky hunting sack. Over his shoulder is slung a quart flask made from the bladder of an elk, and a bulky linen bag.
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