Thorin aka: Don Headrick

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Thorin aka: Don Headrick

Post  Guest on Sat Jun 06, 2009 1:30 am

My name is Don and I have been playing RPG's since grade school when I picked up Basic DnD and Car Wars and Traveller. In the interim, I have played many RPG's of the 80's.
My first exposure to Harn was Kaldor and Pilots almanac (which I still have)...I was amazed by the maps and picked it up and never used them for anything.
I picked up HM2 in 1999 and ran a few games while deployed in Saudi Arabia....(it was a captured audience..)
Thats when I began to fill my Harn collection....which is now nearly complete.
I have Gm'ed the Warhammer Campaign, and some GURPS Traveller, D20 Traveller and Eberron 3.5, and am now running a bi-weekly HM3 Kaldor campaign.

I am a security manager, pseudo artist, motorcycle road-racer, miniature painter and wanna-be writer.
I live in Portland Oregon, been here all of my life, am single but engaged, and father to two wonderful miniature poodles.

I am honored to be playing in this company of Harn celebrities.


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