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Jurri Grebel AKA Rob Barnes

Post  Jurri Grebel on Sat Jun 06, 2009 6:15 am

Hi all. I'm Rob Barnes (AKA Krazma on Harnforum). I'm a 41-year old living in Austin, Texas. I'm a business analyst for a company that does GIS hazard mapping (mostly floods, but a little of everything). I started playing RPGs back in the late 70s with an old TSR game called Top Secret, and branched out from there into D&D and various other games. Some of my favorites have included Twilight:2000, 2300:AD, Star Wars (the WEG D6 version), Champions, and of course Harn. While I was in college, I managed a game store and part of the job was promoting new games at the local college gaming club, so I got to try out dozens of systems with a group that numbered 20-40 people depending on the time of year. I initially got interested in Harn for the maps (I looked through a copy of "100 Bushels of Rye" I had ordered for the store) and pretty soon I had taken full advantage of my employee discount to grab everything in print at the time (and, to the best of my knowledge, I've got a copy of everything that's been published to date).

I tend to migrate. I grew up in Illinois, Florida, Saudi Arabia, and North Carolina (father in the USAF). After college, I moved to the San Francisco bay area and have since lived in Arizona and now Texas. I'm married with no kids and one dog. Outside of gaming, my interests include history, politics, and maps. Harn tends to satisfy all those interests at once.

My own current Harn campaign is set in the manor of Erthen in Vemionshire. It's a "prequel" to Kerry's excellent "The Earl's Progress". It's been going for several years now and I won't be surprised if it runs a few more before we even get to the "Progress" itself. Unfortunately, I'm always the GM in that group, so I've been looking for a chance to play, and this sounded interesting.

I'm looking forward to gaming with all of you.
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