The Thran of Ygesdram

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The Thran of Ygesdram

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The thrangaard meets twice every month on the 3rd and 18th days of each month. As the thran has only been in the Daas clan for two generations the thrangaard is still only small.

The thrangaard consists on those members listed in the thran notes plus several other prominent members from the outlying thrans. Tersi Daas the clans Wrydsman also advises to the thrangaard while also advising the Valhakar on important matters of law and history.

The Yarili now tend to keep to themselves in the hills and mountains to the east and south of Ygesdram. They rarely trade with those thrans closest to them. They will gather perhaps once or twice a year and head down to the thrans and spent a day or two trading before disappearing back into the mountains. It has been over a year since the Yarili have been seen amongst the thrans of Daaslund.

1. Thran of Daas
Size: 22

The seat of Cunate Daas, valhakar of the Daas clan of Ygesdram. Cunate's sister is the 3rd wife of Erling Storzar. While Cunate has married one of Erlings sisters.

a. Barracks

This building is the guardhouse for the valhakar's guard. 20 huscarls make up the clans guard. Sweld Storzar one of Erling Storzars sons is in this guard. The guard is commanded by Thaldirs Daas a huge man with a booming voice.

b. Scribe/Skald (Tersi Trilsten)
Size: 11 Quality: **** Prices: *****

Tersi Trilsten and his family are the thrans scribes He teaches those of the clan the histories. He is also the thrans Wrydsman and is often consulted by Cunate Daas. Tersi sits on the thrangaard.

c. Guardhouse.

This building houses 10 of clan Daas's guard during the night. During the day normally 2 of the thrans guard stands watch from here. From the top level of the gatehouse the guard have an excellent field of view along the Liem River.

d. Stable. (Hilsen Trens)
Size: 2 Quality: *** Prices: ***

The stable holds the valhakar's complete stable. 6 horses make up this stable. A bonded master ostler Hilsen Trens tends the valhakar's horses along with a single stable boy. Hilsen is one of the only master not belonging to the Daas clan in Ygesdram. The horses can often be seen grazing in the nearby meadows under Hilsens watchful eye.

2. Pottar/Embalmer (Turaas Daas)
Size: 4 Quality: *** Prices: ***

Turaas Daas is the thran potter. He served his apprenticeship with Ozur Storzar and has only just returned to Ygesdram after the death of his father.

3. Metalsmith/Weaponcrafter. (Jorri Daas)
Size: 8 Quality: **** Prices: ***

Jorri Daas has spent the winter producing hundreds of swords, axes and knives for the coming raid on Froyby.

4. Woodcrafter (Turrin Bathesen)
Size: 6 Quality: *** Prices: ***

Turrin Batheson has been busy this winter preparing bows and shields for the coming raid on Froyby.

5. Temple of Sarajin. (Bjarri Orbaason)
Size: 3 Quality: **** Prices: **

Bjarri Orbaason heads the temple of Sarajin in Ygesdram. He lives with his wife; he has as yet not fathered any children. The Orbaason clan have been the spiritual guides of Ygesdram since 688 when the previous clan were under suspicion for the murder of Homegir Storzar and were asked to leave. Bjarri has been thinking about taking his second wife soon and has spent some time considering his options but as yet has not made up his mind.

6. Charcoaler (Iral Batheson)
Size: 4 Quality: *** Prices: ***

Iral Batheson has only this winter taken his second wife. There is much talk around the thran about his violence towards these women but as yet no one has dared anger him with any accusations.

7. Hideworker. (Sordi Daas)
Size: 3 Quality: *** Prices: ***

Sordi Daas is the thrans hideworker and butcher. The buildings are used to smoke meat and for storage, for drying and curing hides and the main building is used as a slaughterhouse.

8. Miller (Raal Daas)
Size: 16 Quality: **** Prices: ***

Raal Daas is the youngest brother of Cunate Daas. Everyone likes him and there is none in the thran that would speak ill of him. He is kindly and noted for his charity. The ox driven mill is owned by Cunate Daas who receives 1/3 of all profits, which still provides him with a good income from the hundreds of tons of rye that are milled here annually. Raal sits on the thrangaard.

9. Beekeeper (Roldin Daas)
Size: 11 Quality: **** Prices: ***

Roldin Daas is the thrans beekeeper. His bees produce some of the finest honies in the Leimfjord. They are widely exported to Vulenheim and Pelyn. The honey is used in the mead at the meadhall (14).

10. Timberwright (Jersi Daas)
Size: 7 Quality: *** Prices: ***

Jersi Daas manages the thrans timber collection. The area around the Kejelrian Mountains provides the thrans timber needs. His 2 wives manage the home while Jersi his oldest son and Jersiís brother spends many days away collecting this timber.

11. Mercantyler (Skorri Daas)
Size: 15 Quality: *** Prices: ***

Skorri Daas is an uncle to the valhakar. He has 5 men working for him to either tend the warehouse or also to act as longshoreman at the docks. He and his family reside within the thran while his workers live within the warehouse. Skorri is also part of the thrangaard.

12. Shipwright (Ulauf Nildrom)
Size: 7 Quality: ** Prices: ***

Ulauf Nildrom, as a shipwright is rather poor as he mainly deals with repairs to the thrans fishing fleet of 2 niviks. If it were not for his land holdings he and his family would probably have starved to death a long time before now.

13. Trapper (Kelsi Grebel)
Size: 8

Kelsi Grebel and his two oldest sons and two workers spend many days out in the Kejelrain Mountains laying trap lines. In addition he has a Yarili tribesman working for him, this Yarili knows the Kejelrain Moutains like the back of his hand.He sells his furs and hides exclusively to Skorri Daas (11). Kelsi knows of a path through these mountains to Froya rapids. He has told the valhakar of this and Cunate plans on using this path to aid Froyaheim in the spring.

14. Meadhall (Jabor Daas)
Size: 12 Quality: *** Prices: ****

Jabor Daas runs the communal meadhall. His 2 wives and 3 children help out around the meadhall where they can. There are 2 workers who act as bar staff while the rest of his family work in the kitchen. Jabor has no competition in town so his prices tend to be higher than normal. He specialises in producing some of the finest meads in the Leimfjord. His mead is excellent while the rest of his wares are not up to the same standard. There are also several prostitutes work for Jabor

15. Healer/Apothecary (Hervold Jela)
Size: 4 Quality: *** Prices: **

Hervold Jela and his wife operate the thrans healing and apothecary business. Jorri has trained his 2 staff to wander the fields and mountains to gather the herbs and plants necessary for his business. A young runaway thrall from Froyby has been seen working for Hervold on the odd occassion. He now spends most of his time in his workshop mixing the ingredients or tending to those clansmen who are in need of his services.

16. Salter. (Jnarri Alden)
Size: 5 Quality: *** Prices: ***

Jnarri Alden uses the smaller buildings at the rear of his house to store, salt, pickle and brine the various meats brought to him. His fee is 1lb per 20lb.

17. Runestone.

This stone commemorates the battle of Ygesdram in 463TR between the kingdom of Trondis and the Storzars.

This stone was raised by Kronaad Uthers to remember those that fell among us and have gone to Taalagaad and to honour their sacrifice. Cursed be any who destroy or remove these stones.

An inscription from the Runestones.

18. Market Square.

The market is open from mid morning to dusk every 10 days. Traders hire the tents and space from Skorri Daas (11) and are allocated an area to set up their stall. The market normally operates on the 10th, 20th and 30th of every month. These market days allow traders to buy and sell here before heading either upriver to Froyaheim or downriver to Vulenheim in time to reach those markets as well. The markets offer a wide variety of finished goods for sale.


The Leim valley is some of the most fertile agricultural land in Menglana. This region provides a surplus of food, which is normally exported but like Froyaheim is being hoarded for the coming war.

Ygesdram tends to live in Froyaheims shadow. While not the fur capitol of Menglana that Froyaheim is, Ygesdram turns over a reasonable fur trade of it's own. The Kejelrain Mountains provide ample hunting grounds for this thran.

The fishing in Leim River is plentiful and lake Imua provides ample fishing grounds for Ygesdram. Daas takes 1 basket of fish per 2 dozen brought in as a fee for the use of the boats and the crews are able to split the remainder.

Taxes and Tribute.

All persons are subject to a head tax regardless of age payable as either cash or kind. The head of all clanholds are responsible for the collection of this tax and must deliver 75% to Ygesdram by mid summer.

This tax was doubled earlier this year to subsidize the coming war with Ibaanvaal.

Cunate Daas receives 1 pelt in 20 as a fur tax as payment from the dozens of independent trappers that work the mountains.

Head Tax: 12d per annum
Fur Tax: 5% of all pelts
Tolls: 2d per wagon/vessel
Fishing Tax: 1 basket in 24
Hawking: 6%
Bonding: 1%


Like most Ivinians the Daas are staunch followers of Sarajin and follow the Ljarl. No other temples operate in Ygesdram or the surrounding area.

The church of Agrik has made efforts to establish a church in Ygesdram but has found much resistance not only through the valhakar but also the thrangaard itself. The church of Agrik has been putting more time and effort into trying to establish a church at Froyaheim.

Current Events.

The valhakar Cunate Daas (31) is strong, charismatic and well liked.

Cunate seems to have the most opposition within the thrangaard from Skorri Daas (11), who seeks to line his own pockets with every opportunity and reluctantly pays his dues to the valhakar.

The war with Ibanvaal takes up much of Cunates time these days. He soon plans to march through a little know pass through the Kejerlian mountains to attack Froyby and draw attentions away from Froyahiem to aid his friend Erling Storzar.

Cunate has 2 brothers fostered with the Storzars. The eldest Anders Daas is working within his clanhouse as a huscarl the youngest Vergar Daas has been apprenticed to Lonn Storzar as a runemaster and scribe.

Cunate has not done much work upgrading the defences against the Ibanvaal invasion. He has thrown his lot in with the Storzars and as such should Froyaheim fall then there is little that the Daas can do at Ygesdram.

Cunate has called for aid from Myna but as yet the call has gone unanswered. Because of this Cunate is considering withholding the tribute to Myna this year to help fund the war, hoping that this might persuade his clan members to join his cause.

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