Neirin: Character Record

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Neirin: Character Record

Post  Guest on Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:20 am


Species: Human
Sex: Male
Birthdate: 20 Kelen 700
Sunsign: Feniri
Culture: Tribal
Social Class: Unguilded
Sibling Rank: 2 of 4
Parent: Fostered – Mother Absent
Estrangement: Unpopular
Clanhead: Father’s Aunt

Height: 65”
Frame: 11 (Medium)
Weight: 141 lbs.

CML 11
STR 14 (-1* for weight)
STA 14
DEX 17
AGL 18
EYE 17 (+1*)
HRG 15 (+2*)
SML 17 (+2*)
VOI 11
INT 13
AUR 11
WIL 13
MOR 12

* penalties/bonuses already included in attribute value

Deity: Husraal (Siem)
Peity: 17

Parent Occupation: Hunter/Trapper (+SB Occupational Skills)
Occupation: Hunter/Trapper
Occupational Skills: Tracking/5, Bow/4, Axe/5, Dagger/5, Stealth/5, Foraging/4, Survival/4, Hidework/3, Fletching/3
Option Points: Physician/1, Herblore/1, Weatherlore/3, Bow+SB, Survival+SB

Physical Skills
Climbing 16/64, Jumping 17/68, Stealth 15/75, Throwing 16/64

Communication Skills
Awareness 16/64, Intrigue 12/36, Oratory 12/24, Rhetoric 12/36, Singing 12/36, Husraal (Siem) Ritual 13/13

Yarili 12/82, Ivinian 12/62

Combat Skills
Initiative 15/60, Unarmed 16/64, Axe 16/80, Bow 16/80, Dagger 17/84

Crafts and Lore
Tracking 16/80, Foraging 16/64, Survival 15/75, Hidework 16/48, Fletching 17/51, Physician 16/16, Herblore 16/16, Weatherlore 16/48


Meinir, Neirin's father's aunt, Yarili Clanhead, Unfriendly (24%)

Neirin is no longer welcome among his own clan. His mother was exiled for questioning the authority of Meinir, and Neirin has left the clan to seek her.

Kelsi Grebel, Trapper, Close Friend (73%)

Of all the inhabitants of Ygesdram, Kelsi is most responsible for undermining Neirin's preconceived attitudes towards the "invaders". The two men share a great respect for the wild lands and Neirin has joined Kelsi and his sons on many of their journeys.

Valhakar of Rojenstad, Clan Gerherbt, Enemy (0%)

Neirin was the guide on the hunting trip this past winter to drive the wolves from the area. The missing men from that trip are from Clan Gerherbt, from a small thran to the south called Rojenstad. One of them was the son of the Valhakar, who holds Neirin personally responsible for the loss.

Hervold Jela, Master Guildsman, Healer/Apothecary in Ygesdram, Friend (63%)

Neirin's friendship with Hovik has cultivated the tribesman's interest in the healing arts, and this has led to him being on good terms with the Thran's healer. Hervold has put Neirin's talent for locating herbs in the wild to good use.


Brass Pendant, 10 dr, worth 3d

This is Neirin's prized possession which he wears on a leather thong about his neck. It was given to him by his mother before she left the clan.

Hunting Horn, 2 lbs, worth 115d

Neirin's clan communicated in the wild using horn signals, and his well crafted horn is very special to him, as it is a reminder of his former life among his people before his exile. The horn also saved his life, bringing Hovik to his aid when he was near death after the attack by the wolves. (Note: This item was not randomly generated, but rather inspired by the image of Neirin below.)

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Re: Neirin: Character Record

Post  Guest on Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:35 am

Here is a picture of Neirin ...


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Post  GM on Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:34 am

Neirin was born into a clan of the nomadic Yarili. His parents were both competent hunters, and Neirin followed in their footsteps, excelling at tracking and survival. The head of the clan, Meinir, Neirin's father's aunt, is a strong and proud woman, considered too harsh by many, and none would dare question her decisions concerning the survival of the clan.

There came a time, when Neirin was in his late teens, when his youngest sister, a beautiful girl name Rhian who was loved by all, fell ill with a fever. Before she was fully recovered, Meinir decided that the clan must move to a new location. Neiran's father Berwyn, and mother Tegan, suggested they wait until Rhian was healthy enough to make the trip, but Meinir would stand for no one questioning her authority, and ordered the move, some would say even more quickly, to punish Berwyn and Tegan. Rhian's sickness became worse and she did not survive the trip.

Tegan, herself a fierce woman, blamed Meinir for the needless death, and for her outspokenness found herself exiled from the clan. Berwyn became bitter and cold-hearted for the loss of his child and then his wife, and it fell to Neirin and his remaining siblings to care for themselves. When he came of age, Neirin realized that the wound in his family could only be healed by the return of Tegan, so that she might forgive Meinir for her actions.

With his siblings able to look after themselves, and the task of finding his mother set before him, Neinin packed his few belongings and left the clan. He traveled to many places in the wild, but even his formidable tracking skills did not bring him any closer to finding Tegan, for the trail was too cold. He ventured more and more into the lands of the invaders from the sea, whom his people had long been taught to avoid.

On one such foray, Neirin was set upon by wolves. He managed to escape from them, his ruined axe bloody from killing many of the hungry attackers. The rest of the pack he was able to frighten off with his horn, but soon afterwards his breath failed him, and he knew that his time to make the journey to the lands beyond was near at hand.

But Husraal had other plans for Neirin, for a healer was set upon his lifepath, and followed the sound of his horn to where the wounded hunter lay. Neirin was brought back to life by the one named Hovik. He declared a life-debt to Hovik, knowing that Husraal would make it known when the debt was repaid. Since that day Neirin has traveled with Hovik and the two have become good friends, despite the fact that the healer comes from one of the clans of the invaders. For the past year, they have dwelt in the village called Ygesdram, and Neirin has discovered that not all of the invaders are as cold hearted as Meinir would have him believe.

Neirin often helps search for herbs needed by Hovik and the other healer in the village, or he leads hunting parties into the wilderness. On one such hunt for marauding wolves (perhaps the very same the nearly killed him), disaster struck and two warriors were lost in the wilds during a winter storm. The clan of those who were lost blame Neirin for guiding the warriors to their deaths.

What's in a Name
All of the names used for the Yarili are of Welsh origin. Neirin is an old spelling of the Welsh name Aneirin, which possibly meant 'noble'.

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Post  GM on Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:35 am

You have the following equipment:
Leather leggings
Leather calfboots
Cloth tunic
Leather vest
Leather belt
Kurbul 1/2 helm

You also carry 1 weapon that you are trained to use.

Other equipment
Heavy bedroll
Wooden spoon
Tin plate
Pewter mug
Hair comb

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Re: Neirin: Character Record

Post  GM on Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:52 am

Whilst in search of the traitor from clan Gerherbt the warband travelled close to the mountains and his home. The call was too strong and so with his farewells said he departed the group to return to his clan and continue the search for his missing mother....

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Re: Neirin: Character Record

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