Bjarni Daasen: Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances

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Bjarni Daasen: Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances Empty Bjarni Daasen: Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances

Post  Bjarni Daasen on Sun Jun 06, 2010 2:59 am

Kieran Telsyn (Friend, Loyalty 68%)
Keiran Telsyn is a thrall from Bjarni's home thran of Daasen in Orbaal. They grew up together and not withstanding their social differences are firm friends. Keiran is a Jarin and his family have been thralls to the Daasen for over three decades.

Harsin Daasen (Unfriendly, Loyalty 11%)
Harsin is the Valhakar of Clan Daasen. Bjarni never got on with Harsin growing up, giving him a couple of thrashings when they were young. When Harsin became valhakar upon the death of his father, his dislike of Bjarni became more focused. Bjarni decided that the time had come for him to leave, before something happened that would not be healthy for either himself or Harsin.

Ulf Marensen (Acquaintance, Loyalty 43%)
Ulf Marensen is a ship captain. He took Bjarni on as a crewman for the trip to Menglana from Orbaal. Ulf has a sturdy nivik, the Helga. Ulf has said that he would take Bjarni on again as crew any time.

Keld Daasen (Unfriendly, Loyalty 18%)
Bjarni's cousin who leads Valhakar Harsin's huscarles. The three of them, Bjarni, Keld and Harsin are of an age and grew up. Bjarni tended to bully his smaller cousins. Not smart when they later became leaders of the clan.

Tael Svolder (Friend, Loyalty 51%)
Tael owns and operates 'The Wayfarer' inn in Pelyn. Bjarni is totally smitten with Tael's sister Eryna, who is not only a beauty, but unmarried. Bjarni wants to acquire the not insubstantial bride price that Tael will ask for his young sister.
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