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Re: Equipment and Wealth...

Post  Sigrun Surenaal on Mon Jun 07, 2010 7:40 pm


10dr Bone Pendant with 4 Gemstones: Onyx (14ct), Jet (18ct), Amber (12ct), Moonstone (9ct) TOTAL VALUE = 6963d

Description: A fist sized pendant carved in the shape of a skull, relatively flat, with just enough curvature to give it dimension. The black stones are set as the eyes, the amber as a tooth, and the moonstone neat the right ear. Actually quite a hideous design, with little aesthetic value... but the gems are large and precious.

Background: Sigrun acquired this piece in Janora (Trierzon) in the summer of TR719. She never wears it, but has kept it safe until she can find a jeweler she trusts to tell her if the gems are as valuable as they look. It's story is described in her contacts.

4oz Ivory Bracelet TOTAL VALUE = 64d

Description: Relatively plain thin bracelet, with only a cross-hatching design for ornamentation. Simple but attractive.

Background: Worn often, it reminds Sigrun of her maiden sea voyage. Acquired on the return trip, in Berema (Emelrene), bought with her first share of ship's profits.

9dr Silver Comb TOTAL VALUE = 34d

Description: Plain but for a single dolphin carved on one side.

Background: A gift from Laren (see contacts) in Cherafir in TR715. Worn often on land, but almost never at sea, as she would not want to risk losing it overboard. Highly prized.
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Re: Equipment and Wealth...

Post  Sigrun Surenaal on Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:57 pm

leather gloves, belt, knee boots, vest (all waterproofed)
serge tunic, leggings, cap (spring/summer clothes, in light to medium blues)
heavy wool tunic, leggings, cap, hooded cloak (fall/winter clothes, mostly in earthy browns and grey)
yellow ribbon tying back hair braid

dagger in sheath
shortsword in scabbard
  • extra bow string
  • 17 arrows in quiver
  • 10 short lengths of cloth
  • small covered bucket of pitch

2 wool blankets
large canvas bag
  • 2 flasks of oil
  • tinderbox / flint & steel

bowl and drinking cup (wooden), spoon (pewter)
small food knife
2 lengths of fishing line & 6 hooks
buckram coin purse
  • 30d in coins from all over northwestern Lythia
  • 27d Menglanan coins

small sea chest
  • lock & key

Professional gear:
  • jar of ink
  • 2 bone writing styluses

letter of membership in pilots' guild - not yet received
master pilot's badge (small pewter pendant on leather cord) - not yet received

Contents of rutter:

Coastal maps, currents, sea lanes, and weather notes for Harn and all along the Lythia coast from Ivinia to the western Venarian Sea. Sites visited (and number of times) include Harn (Lorkin 2 and Cherafir 2), Harbaal (Genja 10 and Ifane 10), Chelemby (10), Emelrene (Berema 7), Trierzon (Janora 3 and Darshen 5), sites all over Ivinia too numerous to list, and many brief stops at ports between those listed.

It is also filled with memories of nearly a decade at sea - pressed flowers and seabird feathers; drawings of people, buildings, marketplaces, and foods; copies of bits of languages and scripts; notes on good food in Chelemby and strange customs in Berema; and Sigrun's commentary on it all.

Currently interested in purchasing:
cross-staff (would settle for an astrolabe)

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