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Post  Bjarni Daasen on Mon Jun 07, 2010 3:33 am

The three items of jewellry are two brass arm rings (about 30-50d each value) and one silver neck ring - about 90-100d). Pretty cheap stuff really:)

Cloths and Armour:
Woollen tunic and trousers, woollen socks, decent leather boots. For armour I would really really like a plate half helm with eye guards. On top of that a leather tunic, leather over trousers, some bracers of leather, and a fur cloak.

Sea chest (with ropes fitted to sling on back) to carry his stuff (and to sit on): Containing the following: Woollen blanket, eating utensils (plate, mug - either wood or pewter), flint to start fires, eating knife, razor and strop, a length of wadmal (sailcloth) to wrap around myself when it is cold, and if possible a pair of spare boots.

A harpoon, a haakapik (reinforced with some metal banding), a large knife (skinning knife) and a Round Shield.

A fakang pendant on thong worn around neck - not that Bjarni is a particularly good Sarajinian (piety less than ritual skill).
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