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Recent History

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Recent History….

The winter has been harsh this year, arriving earlier and the cold biting a bit harder. The older folk say this is one of the worst winters in their memory. The river Leim froze over earlier this year catching a few traders and ship captains by surprise, stopping all shipping along the Leim. Even the normal sleds that would ply away their trade along the frozen river have stopped due to this winters severe cold.

During the early winter a pack of wolves was seen trailing the thrans flock of sheep, the men of the thran set out to put an end to this threat. Kelsi Daas lead out a warband of the thrans warriors, although they were unable to find the wolves it was during a blizzard that 2 of the the warriors went missing and have not been seen since. That was over 2 months ago. The families fear the worst for the missing warriors. No sign was ever found of the wolves.

It has only been through the Grey Slayers good fortune that the thran had manage to store an ample supply of food for this bitter winter. The spring harvest was exceptional, filling the grain stores to overflowing. There is grave concern for the winter harvest though.

Jorri Daas has spent the winter at his furnace and anvil turning out axes, swords and spear tips just as fast as his workshop will allow. Turrin Daas has also been hard at work crafting spear shafts, shields and weapon shafts. Many a fletcher has also been turning out dozen after dozen of arrows while preparing bows and bowstrings. Even the apothecary has been busy preparing medicines and healing herbs for the coming conflict.

It was during this winter that many of the younger apprentices took the opportunity to gain the journeyman tickets while there has been such activity throughout the thran.

There has been a hum throughout the thran this winter, rumours abound concerning the Ibavaal invasion. With the coming of the spring thaw will the Daas really throw in his lot with the Storzars and risk it all on this one battle or will he wait until help arrives from their allies or even more unlikely will the Stahlers come and aid their bitter foes in the fight against Ibanvaal..

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