The Last 32 Years...

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The Last 32 Years...

Post  GM on Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:53 am

For the past thirty two years, the ebb and flow of allegiances between great clans have amounted to a cold war along the chilly waters of the Leimenfjord. The Storzars and the Stahlers detest each other. The Daas of Myna, their thranaal between these two arch enemies, have tried to remain neutral, but a branch of this clan at Ygesdram are staunch allies of the Storzars. The powerful Tejaals of Trond are disgusted with Stahler politics, but resent the Storzar influence. They are unsure whether to support Hlanakar or the Dagan of Ibanvaal, and are flirting with paying tribute to Seldenbaal. The Ralds of Stimby support the Storzars, but their isolated position is of limited help. The Baelins of Altenhaus support Hlanakar, but Knurri Baelin is perfidious at best, and can be counted on to lend his support to whichever side is winning this month.

Factions within the royal clan are equally divisive. Hlanakar has six sons, but only his youngest son, Methgar, is loyal and there is much bickering over a successor. Most see the half-blind Lonn of Hilm, the eldest son, unfit to rule. The third and fifth sons are weak and unlikely to succeed. The able fourth heir, Branwaal, is a serious candidate, but he would likely have to arrange for the disappearance of Adric, the second eldest, before gaining the high seat.

Erling Storzar, grandson of Homgeir, has inherited his grandfather’s lust for power, and is competent enough to try for the throne. Any such plans have been stalled by the recent capture of Froyby by the Dagen of Ibanvaal, and his expected assault on Froyaheim.

The invasion by Ibanvaal is foremost in the minds of most Menglanans. The Stahlers realize that the Storzar is a dangerous rival, but many on their thrangaard believe he must still be aided. They have reasoned that the fall of Froyaheim would open the Leimenfjord to Ibanvaal, and many also believe they can ill afford to risk Erling Storzar becoming the “saviour” of Menglana should he manage to defeat Ibanvaal without aid from the royal clan. But the aged Hlanakar III is vehemently opposed to helping “the usurpers”, claiming he will defeat Ibanvaal after they eliminate the Storzar clan. Only the death of Hlanakar will likely resolve this deadlock.

Hlanakar has sent embassies to Seldenbaal and Jarenmark seeking help to stop Ibanvaal “afore you feel the bite of the Dagen ambition”. Aid has also been demanded from Orbaal, which Menglana feels is a tributary colony. Orbaal has not paid tribute to Menglana for more than twenty years.

Rogna has taken advantage of the current situation to increase its raids on the outlying thrans of the kingdom, and is expected to invade Hutheng within six months. Barring help from Pelyn, they will probably succeed.

Menglana is clearly a kingdom in decline. There are many factions at work, mutually destructive to both the kingdom and the royal clan. The kingdom seems destined to suffer much diminishment over the next few years, perhaps extinction if the wars with Ibanvaal and Rogna continue to escalate.

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