1st Saraju 720

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Re: 1st Saraju 720

Post  Bjarni Daasen on Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:16 am

Eijryk Orbaason wrote:
Algared wrote:
Bjarni Daasen wrote:"Algared, If you have some potion or poultice that will aid me, then I say carry on. I have had prettier nurses though."

Algared looks at Eijryrk and laughs half-heartedly.

"Well, there you go Eijryrk, You are decreed a better looking nurse than me."

Eijryk laughs and says "Sorry Bjarni I don't date my patients anymore."

"Oh, you break my heart," Bjarni laughs in a falsetto voice and slaps Eijryk on the shoulder.
Bjarni Daasen
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Re: 1st Saraju 720

Post  Bjorn Vetr on Mon Apr 18, 2011 6:26 pm

Aftering seeing to his equipment, and making what repairs he can, Bjorn plops down in a chair and props his legs up on another. Folding his arms across his chest, he closes his eyes and listens as the conversations begins to grow around him. He doesn't respond until Meldun speaks.

His thoughts turn to the Daas and his call to march on Abderheim. Exhausted, Meldun looks around the table, "If the Daas want's to march, then I am duty bound to him to march.

"If Meldun is determined ta go on this march, then I shall follow." He opens eyes and says with a grin, "Besides, someone's go' to keep him out of trouble."

"As for tomorrow, I think that we still need to know who, if anyone, is in the woods nearby. As funerals will be obvious to any onlooker, so they might not expect us to sally forth."

"I've been lookin' for an opportunity to explore those woods since I go' here. If you're goin' in there to check things out, I would like to accompany you, Barak"
Bjorn Vetr
Bjorn Vetr

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