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Svardkell Holg Equipment. Empty Svardkell Holg Equipment.

Post  Svardkell Holg on Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:59 am


Bearded Axe (Battle Axe)*


Plate Half Helm w/Eye guards
Leather Knee Boots
Leather Leggings
Quilt Tunic
Mail Hauberk
Leather Gloves
Kurbul Vambraces
Quilt Cowl
Mail Cowl


2 Linen Tunics
2 Wool Tunics
Wolf Fur Cloak
Wool Cloak w/pin
2 Linen Trousers
2 Wool Trousers
2 Pair Wool Socks
Fur Hat
Wool Gloves
2 Leather Belts
Leather Strip Head Band
Leather Money Pouch - 8 Gold Coins, 70d Silver.


Sea Chest
Leather Knapsack
Wool Blanket
Flint & Steel
Armor Repair Equipment
Plate, Bowl, Spoon, Knife
Drinking Horn w/belt Hanger

Stee's Equipment**

Buckram Sack
.5lb soap
Ear Spoon
Small Bronzed Mirror
Embroidered Cloak (180d)
Leather Gauntlets
Kurbul Vambraces
Red Long-Sleeved Tunic (40d)
Brown Woolen Leggings (50d)
Blue Worsted Wool Yellow & Red Embroidered Tunic (150d)
Sealskin Leggings (200d)
Leather Calf Boots
Sewing Kit
Pewter Bowl, Cup, Spoon
Plain Leather Belt (8d)
Braided Leather Belt (30d)
Leather Backpack
Worn Blanket
Clay Jar (Unknown Contents)
Belt Pouch - 156d coins
Belt Pouch - Small Bird Necklace carved from Bone (2 oz)
Gold Brooch Shield over an Axe (8 oz)

*On loan from Bryndis.
**Contained with Party Equipment and funds.

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