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Guildsman (Apprentice) Weaponsmith – Acquaintance - 36% Gunnlaug Kaaris – Svardkell intervened in a physical dispute on behalf of Gunnlaug and has since traded knowledge of weapons and armor for helping Gunnlaug with his bare-fisted fighting. Gunnlaug lives and works in Svardkell’s home thran of Endelby.

Military – Acquaintance – 41% Arngrim Birg – An Ex-Mercenary who served w/Svardkell and has since bought land, married, and settled in a small thran in Zynholm, Geldeheim, Orbaal.

Noble - Acquaintance – 48% Hamall Karolaan - Son of Valhakar Halvor Karolaan of Vaagel, Orbaal. Svardkell saved his life during an attack on the Storzand Clan of Pled. Hamall brushes it off as not overly important as Svardkell is only a Mercenary, and was paid to do what he did, but still feels honor bound to acknowledge the incident.

Uncle – Friendly – 65% Vidaar Holg - Royal Huscarl to clan Gelem of Endelby. Mentor and only other family member after his mother and younger brother to accept Svardkell. Vidaar is next in line to become Valhakar of Clan Holg and even though he is on friendly terms w/Svardkell he still keeps him a little distant as not to jeopardize his ascension to Valhakar after Svardkell’s grandfather dies.
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