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Svardkell was born on the 11th of Larane 695 to Svana Holg of Endelby in Gelemaar. Clan Holg is a noble clan serving Clan Gelem as Royal Huscarles. Endelby was at war with Rogna, having pulled away from their tyrannical grasp and revolted taking Helgeby, Ibesleg, and Nejusi with them and uniting them under the kingdom of Gelemaar. A disastrous raid on then King Drabak Gelemaar’s Vathran of Endelby resulted in the rape of many of Endelby’s women including Svana Holg, the Valhakar Svan Holg’s only daughter. Svardkell’s birth was not a joyous occasion and just a reminder of the humiliation suffered at the hands of the Rognan raiders. Svardkell’s grandfather was content to leave the infant in the elements and “let hell take it.” Svana on the other hand could not let the newborn die and even though at times she was repulsed at the thought of looking into the infant’s father’s eyes, she also loved him as only a mother can.

Now burdened with an unclean daughter and bastard grandson, Svan Holg married his daughter off in disgrace and lower than her true station to a Shipwright named Otrygg Staahmen. Otrygg made it known to his new bride early on that he would provide food and shelter for the babe but would not be its father and would not think of it as his son. Svardkell grew up knowing he was not accepted or appreciated. His grandfather was disgusted at his presence and his stepfather was very removed and cold towards him always. Svana eventually provided Otrygg with 3 more children: 2 girls Finna and Aesa and his beloved son Valbrand. The girls learned early on that something was wrong with Svardkell and treated him accordingly even though he was their older sibling. Only Valbrand with the empathy and caring inherited from his mother has treated Svardkell with any sort of compassion and sibling love.

Early on, Otrygg would not take Svardkell on as an apprentice and treated him as cheap labor around his Shipwright business. The manual labor took its toll on Svardkell’s mental health but afforded him the exercise and work ethic to grow and become a stronger man, physically. As he grew, Svardkell’s Uncle Vidarr Holg, a Royal Huscarl, took pity on the lad and began training him in the use of weapons, armor, fighting and tactics in the shield wall. After seeing Svardkell take to the training impressively well, Vidarr was sure that his nephew’s destiny lay with the axe and the sword.

As soon as Svardkell became a man, Otrygg wanted him out from under his roof. Packing his belongings and with a gift of some equipment and money from his Uncle Vidarr, Svardkell left Endelby to seek his destiny in the shield wall of whoever would have him. He joined up with an Ivinian mercenary company and has fought and seen many places around Ivinia, Orbaal, Harn, and Harbaal. He has suffered many wounds and shows the scars of his numerous campaigns to prove it. Why his fellow soldiers had come to calling him “Hell-Hide,” was either because of the numerous and ugly scars across his chest and abdomen, arms and small scars to his face, meaning he has the hide of a creature spawned of Hell, or because he just looks like Hell is open to debate. Needless to say he has survived brutal injuries that would have killed lesser men but is still at peak condition.

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