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Time: Beginning 1st watch - End 6th watch

The day continues the same as the previous. The rain still falls but the wind has subsided some but still gusts fitfully and voilently. After sharing the morning meal the warband sit about the meadhall waiting for the weather to improve.

By high Nolomar however, the weather deteriorates even further, the wind drops some but the wind changes to a strong north westerly wind which drops the temperature dramatically and along with the wind change comes falling sleet.

The day is miserable and the warband keep the hearth fire stoked and warmth of the hall keeps the worst of the cold at bay. The clouds are thick and black with torment.

As day gives way to afternoon the wind picks up as the mile wind turns to a gale bring along with it more sleet. With afternoon giving way to night the wind increases even more and another storm begins to brew and unleash its fury upon the thran of Ygesdram. But later that night the storm seems to have broken, the wind dies down the rain stops, however, it still gusts fiercely outside.

The warband share another meal by the fire, under the whale oil lamps. The pottage is filling however, the bread seems to be a little staler than normal, perhaps the weather has prevented anyone baking new loaves or has prevented anyone from visiting the miller or perhaps supplies are running low.

Once again the warbands sleeps close by the fire seeking out its warmth.

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