The market on the twelth

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The market on the twelth

Post  Algared on Sat Jul 30, 2011 5:35 am

Borygg Raal wrote:Borygg will ask Algarad if there is anything we need as a group.

Algared thinks for a moment and says, "The plan seems to be that we march through the hills and woods, and be in position so that on the 16th we can raise the seige once the Storzer has drawn off the baulk of the enemy. I dont expect all the foe to leave so we will, with the rest of the Daas force will need to fight the foe.
So we will need our armour and weapons, additional throwing spears for Bjarni may be a valuable aquisition in addition to the additional arrows we have leave to draw from the supplies. I'm not sure whether we will be able to have fire at night in our camp so we'd benefit from ensuring we have some cold rations to supliment what we are issued and make our trek more bearable. Similarly we will likely need some bandages and herbs to prevent infections. Maybe we should all carry a shortbow though if we need that many archers I think we'd be in a whole lot of trouble anyway.

I have a couple of jars of honey that I can use as a suppliment as well... Is there anything you were thinking we needed, apart from additional manpower?

With Meldun heading off for tutaledge under Bjarni, we have a reduced force so i'm not to sure how well we will be able to carry out the task we have been given. I think I will see if i can see the Daas or Tersi maybe there is an additional scout or warrior to bolster our force."

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