The morning of 21st Saraju

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The morning of 21st Saraju

Post  Barak Daas on Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:42 pm

Bjarni Daasen wrote:Bjarni will say, as an aside at some stage to Barak and whoever else is in earshot that "I am sure Jabor knows something. The way he is blowing through his stores, it is like there wont be a need for feasting in a ten-day's time"
Svardkell Holg wrote:"Barak, you know him best aye? Maybe you would be able to find something out from him, or maybe he has told Shella or Gelda?"
Over the breaking of the fast, or some other opportune moment, an unusually tired Barak will say "By the way, the pig was in repayment of a debt. The rest of the pig that we did not eat is being smoked. We're drinking mead because Gelda hasn't had the chance to brew ale, and mead last longer without spoiling than weaker drink."
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