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The Winter ends Empty The Winter ends

Post  GM on Fri Jun 12, 2009 5:37 am

The winter last year came sooner and harder than previous years. The month of Morgat saw the winter end early too. The ground is now clear of snow and ice. No ice flows have been seen in the Leim River for over a tenday now, however, the days are still cold and the wind still blows a chill when the locals venture outside. The fisherman have returned to the river to ply their trade.

At least working indoors now has become more pleasurable as the month wore on.

The thran abounds with rumours regarding the coming war with Ibanvaal. Will the Daas side with Froyaheim and take on the Daagen of Ibanvaal. Will the Daas wait for the King to intervene before offering his aid. Some say that the King will not offer his aid to Froyaheim instead hoping for the fall of Froyaheim and the removal of his greatest threat to the throne.

Why would the Daas commission all the weapons if they were not going to get involved? The talk has bantered about like this for most of the winter.

During the 'Alttheng' on the 18th Neirin was brought before the court. The Valhakar of clan Gerherbt claims that Neirin caused his son and clansman to be lost during the winter and want 'wereguild' to be paid. The court had numerous statements from both clan Gerherbt and from those among the hunting party. In the end Clan Gerherbt's claim was overthrown and Neirin was found to be not at fault.

This has caused a great deal of animosity between clan Gerherbt and Neirin and by default clan Grebel. The Daas have tried to remain impartial. While clan Gerherebt and clan Grebel have been trying to rally support for each other among the other minor clans of Daaslund.

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