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Post  Barak Daas on Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:46 am

In terms of H‚rn, I first got in to it in 1983, and played it a lot. I nearly always seemed to end up being GM. I donít play so much now. Or more accurately I donít play at all at the moment. Instead I write stuff. There is some fanon articles by me still around (my price lists seeming to have a life of its own now). I was involved in some of the early group projects: HRT, IoH and CC2 for Harn (CHMP). Other than that I have credits on a random selection of CGI publications: Birds, Fishing, Golotha, HarnManor, Hunting, Inns of Harn, Karveth, Seals come to mind. Iíve also some articles of things to hunt in the pipeline, and maybe a mine too. These may appear in a HQ soon. Oh yeah, I do maps and plans too.

Iím currently working as a IT Manager with a process solution provider in the government sector, with a wife and young son. Iím a graduate in geology and astronomy, and have a post graduate certificate in archaeology. Iím also interested in nature/outdoors stuff. None of these has ever helped me in work, but these interests do tend to appear when I am gaming on H‚rn. I live in a small town (Letchworth, first garden city) thirty-ish miles to the north of London, though I was born and bred in central London. When on holiday I am most likely to be found in a marsh, or on a castle's battlements.

I go by the name of SableFox on many systems, including HarnForum.
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