The thran of Froyby

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The thran of Froyby

Post  GM on Sat Dec 12, 2009 12:27 am

An outline of the thran of Froyby.

The thran of Froyby has about sixty clanhouses with numerous outbuildings and workshops. Most of the clanhouses lie towards the non river side of the thran. A few clanhouses with obvious ties to the river are an exception.

The thranhold sits atop a distinct rise overlooking a modest sized dock, with room enough to moor several vessels at a time. A small sized bonding house long since 'visited' by many others is near the docks.

The thran would appear to have been evacuated recently, given that most personal and valuable items are gone. It would appear that you arrival has caused much concern.

To the west lies the Froya River, to the north, east and south lies slightly undulating ground consisting of fields, pastures and meadows that slope gently away from the river towards the hills and moutains to the east.

There is a road heading north south that enters the thran through the coastal portion of the thran, it passes well within visibility and bowshot of the thranhold and from the gatehouse the road can be seen in both directions for over a kilometre.

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